Is a reflection on the emotional experiences of a victim of domestic violence.


3 artists on tour

Staging & dramaturgy

Sérgio Fernandes


Ana Gabriel


Ferdinand Breil


Ana Baleia


Nuno Pino Custódio
Sérgio Fernandes


Tó Quintas

Outside observation

Anna Toews
Beatriz Cantinho
Pedro Diogo


Catarina Barata
Pavel Tavares


Is a reflection on the emotional experiences of a victim of domestic violence.

In TEATRO SÓ’s characteristic staging style, “SOMBRAS” reflects on the emotional experiences of a victim of domestic violence.Teatro Só’s artistic direction focuses primarily on social issues, taboos and stigma in public spaces, in order to best utilise the educational dimension of street theatre without being moralizing.

In our previous productions – “SÓMENTE” and “SORRISO” – we explore the themes of loneliness and ageing, inviting the audience’s reflection through visual poetry alone. All our performances are staged without words; our choreography elevates the language of emotions to an eloquent dialogue, so that our themes accessible to all.

“SOMBRAS” results from a long period of research including visits to women’s shelters, conversations with victims of domestic violence, and consultation with psychologists. The scenes were formed from real experiences imparted to us. Instead of depicting violence, we decided to take an intimate approach and illustrate the victim’s emotional makeup, feelings and thoughts. The audience becomes a witness to what is not usually addressed issue in the public sphere: the complex emotions of a domestic violence victim. The theatrical staging of such a delicate subject, played on stilts and with elaborate costume design, is an invitation to an emotional journey of personal liberation and the recapturing of one’s own space.

TEATRO SÓ sees street theatre as social intervention, and believes that entertainment can and should be affecting, educational and thought-provoking.

Technical Rider + -

Duration: 45 minutes | Public: ca. 300 people | Space: 8 x 8 metres | The public may be sitting on benches | Technik: Power supply for laptop | 1 PA with stereo Input (cinch or jack) | Soundcheck: Two hours before the piece.

* TEATRO SÓ has the copyright of the original music used in the show. The organization will not have to pay copyright.